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Employee and Family Assistance Programs
For Employees and Families: Your EFAP
Your Employee and Family Assistance Program

Personal challenges are a normal part of life and from time to time everyone can benefit from independent, expert assistance and counselling.

Your EFAP can offer you and your family help when you need it most - from everyday challenges to complex issues, and everything in-between.

Your EFAP is a confidential and voluntary support service that can help you take the first step towards resolving an issue. We'll help you find solutions to all kinds of challenges you may face.

The EFAP is completely confidential within the limits of the law. Our Client Care Representatives, Clinical Counsellors and professional service providers adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality procedures.

There is no cost to use your EFAP. This benefit is provided to you and your immediate family members by your Organization. Use EFAP services for short-term issue resolution and if you need more specialized or longer-term support, we can suggest an appropriate specialist or service that is best suited to your needs. While fees for these additional services are your responsibility, they may be covered by your provincial or Organization's health plan.

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Listen to Sandra's Story
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