The Wretches of Stress: How Stress Can Damage your Emotional and Physical Well-Being

When your body senses danger your stress response, also known as a “fight-or-flight” reaction, kicks into high gear releasing  adrenaline and cortisol—stress hormones that can help you stay focused and alert. Once the perceived threat passes, your body back to normal. This response can help you meet...

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Effectively Managing Technology so it Doesn’t Run You

Gina owns a smart phone, a tablet, a PC and a laptop. Every night before going to bed and every morning when she wakes up she checks her email, voicemail, Face book and Twitter accounts. She makes herself available on evenings and weekends—whether at home, on the go or even while on vacation—and sometimes emails...

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Investment Anxiety—Coping with a Volatile Market

Steve stares down at the mess of investment statements spread out on his dining room table and sighs. He hasn’t been sleeping well this past year and the latest numbers do little to calm his frazzled nerves. Just shy of his 49th birthday, Steve and his wife Marie have amassed a modest portfolio through years of hard...

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Unknown Entities: Dealing with the Stresses of an Unexpected Relocation

Changing environments, even at the best of times, can bring on a host of emotional highs and lows all at the same time. So when the relocation is one you really hadn’t planned on, it can put that much more stress on the situation. Common to all types of relocation is the displacement of the old with the new. This creates a sense of loss...

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Out of Control: How to Accept the Things You Can’t Change and Live a Less Stressed Life

Maybe you’re dealing with a frustrating financial picture caused by market fluctuations. Or a demanding and underhanded boss who seems bent on making your life difficult. Perhaps the cause of your angst is as simple as standstill traffic during your morning commute. Or maybe your situation is as complicated...

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Technology has:

Helped me gather the information I need quickly and effectively.

Is a bit of a mixed blessing: it’s made some processes better, but has increased the work I do.

Seemingly increased expectations about when I’m available to work and how much I can get done.

Has completely blurred the boundaries between my work and home life. I need to be available 24/7.